Notarize for Mortgage

In support of the launch of Notarize for Mortgage, our friends at Sandwich Video produced this marketing video. Given our extensive experience with the product, we were invited to provide the interface animations and final compositing.

Notarize for Mortgage – How it Works

We've been working with the great folks at Notarize for over a year now. During that time, we've become huge fans of their product, and well versed in the details of its implementation. That's why we were thrilled to work with them, yet again, on the launch of their newest product, Notarize for Mortgage. This "How it Works" video was written and produced entirely in-house by ASOR.

Harley Davidson “2017 Street Rod"

Continuing our work with Bonch for Harley Davidson, we provided vfx cleanup for this spot introducing the 2017 Street Rod.

Harley Davidson “2017 Road King Special"

For the introduction of the 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special, working with our friends at Bonch, we provided extensive VFX clean-up work on this 30 second spot.

ClearVoice “Content Made Easy"

Produced in partnership with Flock of Pixels, our video for ClearVoice shows why their Content Marketing platform is the best place to get great content.

Bestway “AlwayzAire"

The AlwayzAire airbed is the newest and most advanced airbed from Bestway; featuring 3 comfort settings and an additional, automatic, computerized re-inflation pump.

Flatev “Fresh, Perfect Tortillas"

We had the pleasure of making a video for Flatev's Kickstarter campaign and website re-launch. The Kickstarter campaign achieved its funding goal in just 3 hours. In addition to the video, we provided product photography, and an interview with Fred Bould and Jeremy Wolf from Bould Design, the industrial designers of the Flatev device (below).


Director — Dan Sturm
Director of Photography — Jeff Caroli
Production Manager — Mara Margaillan
Casting Director — Faith Hibbs-Clark
1st AD – Ry Amidon
Makeup / Wardrobe — Kim Pieper
Food Stylist – Ron Garnica
1st AC — Brian Roth
Key Grip — Lee Lusby
Gaffer — Jarrod Wilson
Grip — Jay Todd
Grip — Matthew Hebert
Sound Recordist – Steve Boehme
PA — Brandon Wells
Starring — Yasmine Ryback
                   Diego Rivera
                   Nicole Carter-Lyde

Flatev - Bould Design Interview

Video shot by Four Winds Creative.  

Legend (2015)

For Legend (2015), working again with Boundary VFX, ASOR provided visual effects and clean-up for three of the film's sequences.

Bestway “Samurai"

In this, our first 30 second spot for Bestway, we acted as both creative agency and production company, completing the entire commercial in-house. The ad kicked off a national theatrical and online marketing campaign for the company.


Special thanks to Shihan Dana Abbott of Samurai Sports for providing sword instruction and wardrobe.

Director — Dan Sturm
Director of Photography — Jeff Caroli
Production Manager — Jean Davis
Casting Director — Faith Hibbs-Clark
Makeup / Wardrobe — Kim Pieper
1st AC — Lee Lusby
Jib Operator — Robert Pflumm
Key Grip — Craig Fleming
Gaffer — Jarrod Wilson
Grip — Mark Harrison
Grip — Matt Abravaya
PA — Brandon Wells
DIT — David Hildreth
EMT — Dee McCluskey
Starring — Takuya Iba

Osmo “Play to Learn"

For this 30 second spot, produced for Osmo by our friends at Sandwich Video, we had the pleasure of providing visual effects work including screen replacements and cleanup.

QuizUp "Come At Me"

For their QuizUp video, our friends at Sandwich Video asked us to create digital set extensions to augment their plate photography. The work involved rebuilding the plates so the wide shots were twice as wide as originally shot.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

We had the pleasure of working, once again, with Boundary Visual Effects on the final fight sequence in 2015's Kingsman: The Secret Service. Our work consisted of head removal, gore enhancement, and digital clean-up.

Xero "Very Handy"

For Sandwich Video's Xero "Very Handy", A Source of Rice completed extensive post-production work including the edit, color grading, graphics integration, and numerous invisible visual effects.

Pride (2014)

Pride (2014) takes place in snowy England, circa 1984. Unfortunately, during production, there was little to no actual snow on the ground, so Boundary Visual Effects asked us to help add snow and ice to various scenes throughout the film, as well as replace some sky elements.

Patchnride "Well, Crap"

To help illustrate the mechanics of Patchnride's unique tire repair tool, A Source of Rice created a short 2D animation for Sandwich Video.

Groupon “The Future of Groupon"

For this series of videos, five in total, produced by Sandwich Video, we provided screen composites, and color correciton.

UpTo "The World's Calendar"

For Sandwich Video's demo video of UpTo, A Source of Rice provided finishing, color grading, and visual effects, including rebuilding a the entire iOS application in animation, in order to precisely direct the action.

1Password "No More Sticky Notes"

We were fans of AgileBits' 1Password long before Sandwich Video asked us to create a video for it. In our biggest collaboration to date, Sandwich Video produced the project, leaving the writing, directing, and post-production to us. Everything except the white walls and wood floor (and Adam) was created in post.