Xero "Very Handy"


For Sandwich Video's Xero "Very Handy", A Source of Rice completed extensive post-production work including the edit, color grading, graphics integration, and numerous invisible visual effects.


Pride (2014)


Pride (2014) takes place in snowy England, circa 1984. Unfortunately, during production, there was little to no actual snow on the ground, so Boundary Visual Effects asked us to help add snow and ice to various scenes throughout the film, as well as replace some sky elements.


Patchnride "Well, Crap"


To help illustrate the mechanics of Patchnride's unique tire repair tool, A Source of Rice created a short 2D animation for Sandwich Video.


Groupon “The Future of Groupon"


For this series of videos, five in total, produced by Sandwich Video, we provided screen composites, and color correciton.


UpTo "The World's Calendar"


For Sandwich Video's demo video of UpTo, A Source of Rice provided finishing, color grading, and visual effects, including rebuilding a the entire iOS application in animation, in order to precisely direct the action.